WORLD FUSION: Surinder Sandhu – Saurang Orchestra, and more

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My sincere thanks to John Cahill for this posting – part of an ongoing series from him. John’s knowledge of many types of music is extraordinary and as you can see, his ability to write passionately about it is first rate.

World Fusion

World music has been poplar ever since the Beatles discovered Ravi Shanker back in the late sixties. Over the years a number of artists have tried to infuse music of different cultures; people like John Coltrane, Carlos Santana and Peter Gabriel. Out of this has come a term called World or Global Fusion with a variety of results.

The power of the internet and the mixtures of cultures have helped made this easier to happen; there will always be musicians willing to take chances and try to create something fresh and exciting. World music provides a framework for this to occur. It is with this experience of adventure I share some of my favourite albums within this genre.

Surinder Sandhu - Saurang Orchestra

This CD is a whole exotic experience; imagine Indian music mixed with some jazz and great guitar playing; now imagine an almost film score background. I remember playing this at an audition for some equipment and having several people asking me ..........


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