VINYL: Selling this stuff – thoughts invited

So, having to introduce austerity measures due to enforced salary cut and youth number 2 on its way, I think it's about time I got round to selling my meagre vinyl collection.

What I want to know is how does one go about assessing condition for listing on Discogs, t'bay, etc (even on here), especially when there's no turntable to play them on? Whilst I have one or two that are unplayed or had little use, most have had reasonable amount of use with fine surface scratching etc, sleeves in varying states from unmarked to a bit rough.

I know there are a few that might have a bit of value but assume the majority is pretty standard stuff. The collection is about 400 LP's and a bit of a mixed bag of late 80's/early 90's indie, some obvious rock, blues and jazz and a fare few duffers (in my opinion). Would I be better taking bundles to a dealer, if so can anyone recommend such in Manchester were I can expect a fair price?


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