NAIM: Is my love affair with Naim over?

I have owned and listened to nothing but (low to mid end) Naim amplification for the last 15 years. Whenever I have briefly listened to other amps in dealers I have pulled a face and thought no not for me. But, I recently split my second system and moved my Rega Brio R into my main system, a week later it is still there and I am not rushing to swap it out.

It's hard to put my finger on it, I am sure some of the detail and dynamics have been lost, but with that more fluidity seems to have been gained and I have listened to more music in the last week than the last couple of months. It has me wondering whether I should start a more serious affair away from Naim.  If I were to consider a new amp up to £2000 then what should I consider?

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