The Silos – Tennessee Fire Live (CD)

Tennessee Fire Live (CD)

On April 18, 1990, shortly after the release of their self-titled third album, the Silos performed about 75 minutes of music for the SNAP alternative music radio program. Broadcast on KCRW in Santa Monica, California near Los Angeles, it features versions of all but one song from that third album, as well as selections from their earlier pair of records. Both of the singer-songwriter-guitarists from the band’s early days, Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe, were in the lineup for this broadcast.

1. Tennessee Fire

2. Caroline

3. Conversation

4. She Lives Up The Street

5. Commodore Peter

6. Conversation

7. Take My Country Back

8. (We’ll Go) Out Of Town

9. Conversation 10. Heart And Soul

11. Conversation

12. I’m Over You

13. Conversation

14. Anyway You Choose Me

15. Just This Morning

16. Conversation

17. The Only Story I Tell

18. Picture Of Helen

19. Conversation

20. Porque No

21. Conversation

22. Memories

23. Don’t Talk That Way

24. Conversation

25. All Falls Away

26. Conversation

27. Here’s To You

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