BIG JOE LOUIS: Interview (2009)


Singer, guitarist, songwriter and musicologist Big Joe Louis is a veteran of the UK blues scene. He plays in the UK and Europe both solo and with His Blues Kings. He also tours with many American artists, who value his style of playing. In 2007, he left his job as a blues consultant with the Performing Rights Society.

What have you been doing since you stopped working for PRS? Did you have a sabbatical?

I took one trip to the States with a friend of mine, to buy records, look round record fairs and track down a guy in Boston who had owned a record shop since 1962. Apart from that, it was all playing. I went to Australia and New Zealand and went to the States twice, all the usual Scandinavian places. I go to Scandinavia a lot.

The Scandinavians are very keen on the blues.

They are but I have been doing it a lot there and I work with so many good musicians there.


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