BARB JUNGR: ‘I’m an obsessive kind of person’ – interview by Robert Chalmers

Eva Vermandel

How singer-songwriter coped with the death of her ex-husband and two sisters in the space of two years to became 'our greatest living interpreter of Bob Dylan'

Barb Jungr's home town does not enjoy the most enviable of reputations. When it features in the national news, Stockport is almost invariably the subject of ridicule or tragedy, to the point that I have one friend who refers to it as Bad News Town.

The Moors Murderers, like Dr Harold Shipman, operated from addresses with a Stockport postcode. In 1967, a plane landed in the centre of the town (which has no airport) then exploded: the accident, which remains the second-worst air-to-ground crash in England, claimed 72 lives. Inquiries into the deaths by poisoning of three patients at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital in 2011 are ongoing.