SERIOUSLY: What might not be measurable, but make a difference?

First of all this thread has not been put up to provide another vehicle for cyclic gainsay posting so please respect that intent.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what might not be measureable, either at all, or readily using equipment typically used by electrical and acoustic engineers day to day, that could possibly affect sound?

I'm just thinking that science continues to evolve. Theories about Higgs Boson particles have recently been proved (I understand), but that's just an obvious recent change to scientific understanding and I'm sure it (understanding) is in no way complete. We look back at the way the world was understood fifty, a hundred, or a thousand years ago and realise how over-simplified (or plain incorrect) views of what goes on were. Surely in another hundred they might well look back at early 21st century knowledge and see holes too.

Are there any with scientific backgrounds out there happy to accept that current understanding might prove incomplete even in the relatively well understood world of electronics and acoustics?

Just to repeat, I know I'm no-ones keeper, but I'd really appreciate a collaborative discussion here. If you feel tempted to say "that's rubbish", don't, please put up a post countering the other person's thoughts expressed in a friendly and helpful manner.

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm interested!

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