JVC: AX-Z1010TN may make uncomfortable reading for those wedded to their NAIM amplifiers!”

Stanley Kramer writes:

JVC AX-Z1010TN Digital Reference Integrated Amplifier SuperDIGIFINE – A Review

Let me state that for those who think long reviews are just self-gratification, you better stop now.
Also it may make uncomfortable reading for those wedded to their NAIM amplifiers!

A bit of history:-
I have been a lover of NAIM amplification for as long as I can remember and I always aspired to own some. My amplifier path took me from a NAD3020 to an Onix OA21 (preferred a NAIT1 in a demo but could not afford it) and then to a NAC92/FlatCAP/NAP90.3; my first rung on the NAIM ladder.

I will be honest that I had not really ever considered other amps even though ironically my friend back in the day had a new JVC AX-1 which I always liked although he replaced it with a NAC45.5/NAP110. I never though other amps were bad it’s just that NAIM seemed to tick all the boxes for me every time I heard their equipment, I do like PRaT and let’s face it NAIM do that in spades.

Later on I got a NAIM NAC72 and changed the internal cards ending up with the RSL transform kit which moved the sound into a different place than standard NAIM boards. The NAP90.3 was replaced by a ZAP250, the original and ‘naimed’ (sic) by me! This was replaced by some mint NAP135s and that’s how my system has been for a few years. The rest of the system is an LP12 with ARO and Linn ASAKA and a short lived but wonderful RubiKon sub chassis, moving the air is a pair of mint Linn SARAs.

Almost a year ago I saw a JVC AX-3 on eBay and ever since seeing my mates AX-1 and liking what it did sound wise I have had a soft spot for them, I bid and won it for £16 and forgot I had won it!
I was looking through my eBay account a few weeks back and noticed I had not been to pick up the amp so about 4 weeks ago I went to pick it up…………and so it began!

JVC AX-3 tatty version:-
So I got it back home and plugged it in, it was a bit tired but worked, although some of the pots could do with cleaning.