UNDERSTANDING: Room calculations


Our rooms are as important as our equipment yet only a scarce few of us have the luxury of choosing our room dimensions. Typically we take what we can get within our home and make the best out of it.

With our new building in process, we’re heavy into the architectural tasks of designing three new music rooms from scratch, a rare treat afforded only a very few audiophiles.

Our years of experience and research have been boiled down to a few simple formulae for calculating the ideal room size and we thought it might be a valuable service to our community to make that knowledge freely available. Over time we will also publish the architectural drawings for our rooms so any curious or prospective builders can copy them.

One of our programmers, Kevin Briggs, built a really cool automated room calculator we just launched on our website. If you go here you can see it in action. In the future, it’ll remain available under the web site’s Resource Tab.

On that same page is a great explanation of how room dimensions are calculated and why they matter. Take a moment to visit this free tool and you’ll get a quick education in the art of maximizing sound quality.


Paul McGowan