ZESTO AUDIO: Their Leto 1.5 Preamp – an upgrade


The Leto 1.5 Preamp upgrade includes 2 important features; a built-in headphone amp and a Unity Gain identifier on the volume control for home theater.  This upgrade is designed for Audiophiles who enjoy a great 2 channel stereo system, as well as, headphones and surround sound for home theater.

George Counnas, President of Zesto Audio says, "It makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the tube circuit design and the sonic qualities of the Leto to really drive headphones and be the 2 main channels for your surround." George continues, "I really like the added benefit that I can sit in my favorite listening position and use headphones with a remote volume control."

George Counnas is the founder, president and design engineer for Zesto Audio. He has loved music all his life and went from a musician, to an electronics engineer, to an audio engineer. As a young man in England, he designed vacuum tube circuits. He worked for DECCA Navigator (now Raytheon)-- at the time Britain's largest electronics company -- as part of a research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. So he has many years of experience designing, creating and bringing to market high-end electronic equipment.

Zesto Audio is a manufacturer of fine analog electronics specializing in vacuum tube technology. The company is located in Thousand Oaks, CA and launched it's first product in 2011 with the Andros Phonostage and launched the Leto Preamp in 2012. The Leto 1.5 Preamp retails for US $7500 and sold through authorized dealers. Please note there is no price increase with this update.


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