Xhadow Corp?

Hi Howard, what can you tell me about Xhadow Corp please?  Iain.

Hi Iain, this is all that I have been able to find online - so far. Neil M.

Company founded in 2004 by Chris Sommovigo of The Signals Collection and Stuart Marcus of Sound Connections and was based at the latter company's headquarters in Lutz, Florida, USA. The company started marketing a new design of high end cinch and XLR connectors apparently designed by Mr Sommovigo and based on the connectors he had designed for the Illuminati cables a decade earlier and where manufactured by Sound Connections. These generated quite a bit of interest in the audiophile community and appeared to sell fairly well considering the high price. The partnership faltered in 2009 and the company was dissolved in 2010, Sound Connections now market very similar connectors under their Vampire Wire brand while the Xhadow brand is controlled by The Signal Collection.