This deluxe collection features Tokyo Dome Live In Concert and the newly remastered Van Halen and 1984 albums into a four-CD set and a six-LP vinyl set in special packaging.

TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT is set to become Van Halen’s first-ever live album to feature original singer David Lee Roth. Recorded on June 21, 2013 at the famed Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, the album includes 23 songs, spanning all seven of the band’s albums with Roth.

Van Halen reinvented the sound of hard rock in 1978 with its influential and wildly successful eponymous debut album and then achieved even greater success six years later with 1984. Both albums would define a generation while selling more than 10 million copies each in the U.S. alone.

TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT features an electrifying performance by singer David Lee Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. Mixed by award-winning engineer and mixer Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Music, Nine Inch Nails, and many more), and mastered by Chris Bellman, the album features such classic anthems as “Dance The Night Away,” “Beautiful Girls,” “And The Cradle Will Rock…” “Unchained,” and “Everybody Wants Some!!” as well as blistering versions of “Tattoo,” “She’s The Woman,” and “China Town” from the group’s most recent studio album, A Different Kind of Truth.


1. Runnin’ With The Devil2. Eruption3. You Really Got Me4. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love5. I’m The One6. Jamie’s Cryin’7. Atomic Punk8. Feel Your Love Tonight9. Little Dreamer10. Ice Cream Man11. On Fire

1. 1984 2. Jump3. Panama4. Top Jimmy5. Drop Dead Legs6. Hot For Teacher7. I’ll Wait8. Girl Gone Bad9. House Of Pain10. Eruption

CD1:1. Unchained2. Runnin’ With The Devil3. She’s The Woman4. I’m The One5. Tattoo6. Everybody Wants Some!!7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor8. Chinatown9. Hear About It Later10. (Oh) Pretty Woman11. Me & You (Drum Solo)12. You Really Got Me
CD2:1. Dance The Night Away2. I’ll Wait3. Cradle Will Rock4. Hot For Teacher5. Women In Love6. Romeo Delight7. Mean Street8. Beautiful Girls9. Ice Cream Man10. Panama11. Eruption (Guitar Solo)12. Ain’t Talkin’’Bout Love13. Jump

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