SCOTT WALKER The Childhood of a Leader (CD)

A key and compelling component to Brady Corbet’s directorial debut is Scott Walker’s first score since his remarkable Pola X soundtrack back in 1999.

Partly inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s short story of the same name, The Childhood of a Leader is a tense psychological drama tracing the formative years of a young boy and set against the backdrop of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference that led to the establishment of the Treaty of Versailles.

Walker continues to work with long-term collaborators Peter Walsh (co-producer) and Mark Warman (musical director), with the latter conducting an orchestra comprised of 46 string players and 16 brass for the studio recording.

  1. Orchestral tuning up
  2. Opening
  3. Dream sequence
  4. Village Walk
  5. RUN
  6. Down the stairs
  7. Up the stairs
  8. The letter
  9. Versailles
  10. Cutting flowers
  11. Boy, Mirror, Cars arriving
  12. Third tantrum
  13. Printing press
  14. On the way to the meeting
  15. The meeting
  16. Post meeting
  17. Finale
  18. New dawn (synth layout for cut scene)