READERS’ LETTERS: Repeat customers

PAUL S writes ...

The problem I had with my audio dealer was the fact that the availability of dealer’s products are limited to the brands of his distributor network. I had to „force“ my dealer to order a PPP demo unit from a distributor outside of his distributor network when I was totally unsatisfied with my Burmester power conditioner. Initially my dealer argued that the older generations of PS Audio power regenerator weren’t reliable at all. After having purchased two PPPs my dealer added PS Audio to his portfolio. There even existed a tweak for PPPs here improving the power-on behavior of the unit – never had problems here because these beast are permanently powered on. Having a most limited number of audiophile (!) audio dealers today (minimum requirement an acoustically treated demo room better than those audio-exhibition hotel rooms) I wonder why today with high-speed UPS delivery service most distributors don’t sell directly offering demo units for testing at home. However more and more manufacturers offer direct sales and money back guarantees.

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