READERS’ LETTERS: Is DSD audible in audio transfers?

JOHN D writes ...

DSD (1 bit Pulse Density Modulation, Sigma/Delta Modulation is not digital. PCM is digital. ‘Direct Stream Digital’ is simply a marketing ‘logo’ created by Sony/Phillips.

The problem is you cannot keep running off tape copies to vinyl – tape deteriorates every time you play it. With old tape you have to prepare the tape and very carefully play it back on properly calibrated equipment. If you capture it into DSD you have everything 100% accurate in a robust, versatile format. If you then use that DSD transfer to produce a new stamper for new vinyl copies you have done absolutely nothing but the very best.
If old tape has deteriorated then a high resolution 96/24 or ‘DXD’ (PCM 352.8/24 is reasonable as restoration work is needed to create a stable and listenable copy for folks to buy.
I understand and respect your concern about ‘digital’ vs analogue but please try to stand back a little and understand the processes involved in all of this stuff. At the end of the day all capture systems are analogues of the music itself with differing advantages and disadvantages (DSD cannot be mixed and mastered without conversion…)

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