This is an issue that I have never understood - why do so many people put spikes under their hi-fi equpment or speakers? I have never gotten a good answer that is not filled with the typical audiophile mumbo-jumbo. One person once told me that they acted as a physical diode that prevented vibrations from being transfered to the gear. I do not understand why this would be the case as I doubt the pointy tip of the spike is moving very much (it usually seems embedded in the wood or metal that it is resting on). Perhaps this is why some use glass shelves in their stands?

In any event, I figured I was more likely to get an honest (no BS) answer in this forum rather than in others (e.g., the asylum or Naim). Is there a real reason to use spikes, other than making the equipment look cool? btw - I don't have any spikes at the present time .

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