Hello Howard. I have read HFA now for some months, deriving great pleasure and stimulation from it's diverse contents... around the pursuit of the art of listening to music. Interested in recent exchange around the benchmark dac1. I currently have a meridian g08, along with a range of meridian pre power equipment of varying ages and a moon i-5.3. I welcome your thoughts around what the benchmark may acheive with the meridian player. The various comments on inexpensive transports are quite expansive, yet a bit more elusive with regard to potential improvements with players such as the g08.

Thank you for the kind comments. Much appreciated and never taken for granted. Not even a little bit. Candidly, you pose a tough question.As you know, I don't stock Meridian gear now although I was their World #1 from 1977 to 1986 inclusive. I still use some myself.

From what I can gather, the G08 is a damn fine bit of kit. Some might argue that that it is perhaps just a tad too analogue, possibly a bit too smooth. Personally, I don't know.

If indeed this is the case, then my suspicion (and it is only a suspicion) is that you might notice thefollowing if you used the DAC; a tighter and faster bass - but no deeper - and possibly more top end detail and most likely a more forceful presence, a bit like being in the front row stalls that front row balcony, if you get my meaning. My guess is that this would make the G08 a fine but somewhat expensive transport. You can try one on 30 days sale or return if you wish.

If however you used the DAC-Pre and therefore deleted your Meridian pre from the system, the sonic advantages might be far more noticeable. It really is suck it 'n see on this one. Anyone who claims that in the context of your situation, the inclusion of a Benchmark DAC in either format will without any hesitation or qualification produce a consistent and substantial improvement will I feel probably lie about other things too.

Re the Moon, I've had no direct personal experience of this and rather than speculate, I feel unable to comment.