JONI MITCHELL: ‘I have many melodies in my mind’ – a classic interview from the vaults

From The Guardian / Rolling Stone:

Folk music, which pushed rock'n'roll into the arena of the serious with protest lyrics and blendings of Dylan and the Byrds back in 1964, has re-entered the pop music cycle. Once again, with a new crop of guitar-toting composer-singers at the vanguard, folk is "in".

As with country, jazz, and other rock music satellites, it is not 100% pure. Joan Baez is completely off of her abortive rock-album trip, but there's a solid country beat to her Dylan LP. Peter, Paul, and Mary couldn't have been serious singing I Dig Rock and Roll Music; nevertheless, they used a full complement of session men (and even backup voices) in their Late Again album. Dylan is back to the basics, leaving electronics largely to the boys in the Band, but his next LP – as with his John Wesley Harding – is Nashville-twanged.

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