Not everything is going to fit you and your particular needs. Yet sometimes we get the wrong cues about the intended audience for a product or service. When that happens, we often blame the product rather than the message.

Here’s a silly example. As a vegetarian, I might get excited that a fast food chain is now serving meatless burgers—excited enough to try one yet be ultimately disappointed because, well, I don’t eat that kind of food.

It wasn’t meant for me.

It’s fun to get new things but incumbent upon each of us to make sure they are intended for us. A new MP3 player might be exciting to some, but not me.

What’s perhaps instructive about this observation might be that we don’t want to pass judgment on a product just because it doesn’t fit our profile. I’d be doing a disservice to potential MP3 buyers by dismissing the latest innovation in a field that does not interest me.

It’s often not the product that’s to blame, only its intended recipient.

Paul McGowan / PS AUDIO

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