BONNIE RAIT: Slipstream

Bonnie Raitt's Slipstream

More of mainstream rocker than a true hardcore blueswoman, when Bonnie Raitt cuts loose on her slide-guitar (learned firsthand from Mississippi Fred McDowell), the blues notes fall like rain. Raitt earned her blues pedigree the hard way, performing alongside greats like McDowell, Sippie Wallace, and Howlin' Wolf, so we'll cut her some slack 'round these parts. As for Slipstream, Raitt's first studio album in seven years, she recorded it with producer Joe Henry, and is releasing it on her own independent label, Redwing Records. Musically, Raitt applies her unique blend of rock, blues, and soul to songs by talented scribes like Bob Dylan, Randall Bramblett, Al Anderson, and Joe Henry, so it should be a solid effort.


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