GEN MATLOCK: His Travelling Life

Glen Matlock, the former Sex Pistols bassist, recalls family holidays at Butlins, being shouted at by Iggy Pop on a road tour and swanning around in kimonos in Japan. Interview by York Membery

How often do you travel?

My life at the moment seems to be one long series of busman’s holidays. This year I’ve been to the United States four times and also visited Canada, Norway and Iceland. I’ve spent about three months out of the country. But it’s been largely work-related. I spent a few days recording in Los Angeles, where Steve Jones [former Sex Pistols guitarist] now lives. But I didn’t see him – he can be a bit of a misery sometimes! I’ve also played a lot of gigs in the States, either with a support band, or as part of a double-header with Sylvain Sylvain, the former New York Dolls guitarist. We did about 25 gigs in the north-east [of the US] and Canada earlier this year, playing everywhere from Chicago to Toronto. I also played at the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in New York – a charity concert in memory of the singer – in May. So it’s been a busy few months.

Where did you go on holiday as a child?

As a family, we used to go to ..........

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