FACT, OR WHAT: Can the human voice really shatter a wine glass?


THE BBC is to take an intriguing look at the science behind the human voice with the help of Manchester Science Festival and the University of Salford.

Trailing the Electrifying the Voice event on BBC Breakfast and the Today Programme, Professor Trevor Cox explained some of the secrets that make the human voice the most amazing ‘instrument’ of all.

Trevor, who is professor of acoustic engineering at the University of Salford, leads a live-streaming first to test whether a soprano really can shatter glass with the power of their voice.

Together with BBC Tomorrow’s World, Prof Cox will also investigate other workings of the human voice, including how microphones have changed the way people sing and why operatic voice makes your hairs stand on end.


Electrifying the Voice is part of Manchester Science Festival (October 19-29) run by the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry and sponsored by The University of Salford. It is also tying in with the .....

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