Buried Alive In The Blues (6CD Box)

Limited edition 6CD Box Set featuring four FM broadcasts from 1973 to 1978

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Disc 1.

Record Plant, Sausalito - KSAN-FM, 22nd April 1973

1. (Better Stop Drinkin' That Wine) Sonny Boy

2. (I Want You To) Love Me Woman

3. Swingin' Time Woman

4. I'm Blue, Really Blue

5. The TV Hymn

6. I Wonder Why

7. I Will Always Love You

8. At The Cross

Disc 2.

Bottom Line,New York - WNYU-FM, 31st March 1974

1.Don't You Lie To Me,

2.Linda Lou,

3.Sweet Little Angel,

4.Unchain My Heart,

5.Inside Information,

6.Tryin' To Find The Door,

7.Glamour Girl,



10.I Love You So,

11.Trouble Ahead of Me,

12.If I Get Started All Over Again

Disc 3.

Record Plant, Sausalito - KSAN-FM,10th November 1974

1.KSAN Intro

2.Six Weeks in Reno

3.Love Me or Iıll Kill You Baby

4.What Time Is It

5.Tell Me You Care

6.Buy Me Some Time

7.Shadows Told Me All

8.Don't You Lie to Me

9.Shine on Love

10.Let Them Talk

Disc 4.

The Bottom Line,New York - WLIR-FM, 25th January 1975

1. You've Been Wrong

2. Band Intro

3. Orphan's Blues

4. Blue Highway

5. Buried Alive in the Blues

6. I'll Never Get Over Losing You

7. DJ Announce

8. Lights Out

9. I Believe

10.My Labors


Disc 5.

The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA - KALX-FM, 1st October 1978

1.Chet Helms band introduction

2.Born in Chicago

3.Our Love is Drifting

4.You're Looking Good Tonight

5.Shake Your Money Maker

6.Get Out of My Life, Woman

Disc 6.

The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA - KALX-FM, 1st October 1978

1-Payin' the Price For Feelin' Nice

2-Mystery Train

3-Little Brown Bird

4-I Got My Mojo Working

5.Don't Lie To Me

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