WILKO JOHNSON: Interviewed by Siane Daley 2009

Wilko Johnson is famous for two things; firstly his contributions to one of Britain’s most respected band’s R&B bands of the early 70s the celebrated Doctor Feelgood, they did more than anyone to establish pub-rock/R& B and to put life back into a jade rock scene just before the emergence of punk. The liaison was brief but produced several classic songs and albums and established the Feelgoods as one of Britain’s most loved bands.

There was a punk element in the band’s style that came also influenced Johnson’s stay with Ian Drury and The Blockheads. His stay with them was brief and produced one album ‘Laughter’. All the while Johnson’s own ‘Wilko Johnson Band’ had been rolling along in the background; despite several line-up changes the band continued and is still rolling. Wilko and the band retain a solid following, and Wilko still exudes a unique fascination with his brand of punk influenced R&B.