THREE DOG NIGHT: Whatever happened to this classic 60s and 70s rock group?

Bob Smith says ...

What a cool band name. Three Dog Night whose name hopefully needs no explanation to most of you, formed in 1967 with the primary lineup being Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron.

Jimmy Greenspoon, Joe Schermie, Michael Allsup and Floyd Sneed soon rounded out the group and they were set. The band first performed as Redwood but soon switched to the more well known Three Dog Night. The band made their first official appearance as a band in 1968 at the Whisky a Go Go club in west Hollywood.

They released their first album simply titled Three Dog Night in late 1968 and the cover of Harry Nilsson’s song “ One” was a hit for the band and things began to take off for the group.

In 1973 Joe Schermie was the first to leave the band citing irreconcilable differences with the band. In 1974 Allsup and Sneed left to begin a new band and well the original lineup was changed dramatically as others were brought onboard as replacements .

Danny Hutton had battled health issues for a number of years and began missing recording sessions and subsequently was fired from the band in 1975, another nail in the coffin of Three Dog Night.

In 1976 despite their earlier successes album sales were poor, disco was becoming popular and sadly the band chose to fold. They played their final show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

In 1981 the band reunited with an new lineup and released a ska based album that failed to produce the results hoped for . The band has continued on with several lineup changes but the Three Dog Night we all knew and loved back when is long gone. Thankfully they left behind some amazing music.

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