ROGER CHAPMAN: Peaceology (CD)


“Peaceology” contains 13 tracks from Blues to Rock to Soul - an amazingly updated masterpiece of work by Roger Chapman. A great mix of different genres Roger used to create his very own and unforgettable sound.The former singer/songwriter and front man of famous UK rock bands like Family and Streetwalkers started his very successful solo career in 1987. The iconic Voice and his barbed wire and wine delivery made Roger Chapman one of the most acclaimed singers in the genres of rock, blues and soul. 2014 Roger returns with his re mastered version of his in 2007 released album “One More Time For Peace”. Fans who bought the album in 2007 described it as one of his best CD’s ever. But this new version is even better – it is not just re mastered, it also includes 3 new songs. Roger named his re mastered work “Peaceology” - a second chance for an album that shows Roger in great shape. The new sound of the album is not just fresh it is also timeless and natural.

: The 7th Floor! Teach Me How It Walks / Oh Brother, Take Me Now / EZ Train / Hell Of A Lullaby / All Too Soon / The Only Rose / Sweet Bird / All Night Paradise / One More Time For Peace / Devil Gotta Son / Naked Hearts / Heading Back To Storyville / Jerusalem