STAN GETZ: The Complete Columbia Album Collection (8CD Mini-LP Style Sleeve + Booklet) Box Set

The most complete package to date of Stan Getz’s Columbia albums

8 great albums! covering the period 1972-1979, most produced by Stan himself
Each individual album is packaged in a replica mini-LP sleeve reproducing that album’s original cover art.
Booklet with full discographical info., photos, and liner notes
It was not long after tenor saxophonist Stan Getz (1927-1991) rose to fame during his late 1940’s stint with the Woody Herman band that he came to be known as “The Sound.” Few sobriquets have been so apt, for in his nearly half-century career, Getz retained an instrumental tone that, in blending an ethereal sonority with muscular heft, became both a jazz trademark and the inspiration for generations of horn players. Combined with his effervescent swing and a gift for lyrical melody making, Getz became one of the most popular and influential jazz musicians the music has known.

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