SAE Scientific Audio Electronics: What happened?

The above image of the mighty 2800 equaliser comes from HiFiEngine

Hi guys. I own some of this excellent equipment. Never gone wrong and all bought from auction house. I can't find out what happened to them. Can you shed any light please?

Here is what we have been told:

USA audio electronics manufacturer founded in 1968 by Morris Kessler and Ted Winchester but from 1971 or so owned exclusively by Mr. Kessler, ran into financial problems in the early 80's and was taken over in 1985 by DAK Industries but folded in early 1992 when the parent company went into bankrupcy protection (it eventually went bankrupt altogether in 1994 although the author of this link fails to mention the contractual dispute that triggered the original withdrawal of credit).

Had a huge cult following amongst a certain type of audiophiles (and to a certain extent still has) and was in may ways the archetypal 70's American hi-fi manufacturer, along with an array of HUGE amplifiers (usually both in size and power) and the usual tuners, cassette decks etc.., the company had a mind boggling line-up of signal processing equipment ranging from graphic equalisers to specialised noise reduction units.

Hard-core fans of the company's products often had large 19" racks filled with equipment, a sight more associated with a recording studio rather than a home system.

Mr. Kessler currently runs Amplifier Technologies Inc (ATI). For those that own or are interested in the products of the company there exists a mailing list called SAE Talk that discusses the products of the company.