Mahalia Jackson’s Gospel Book by Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson's Gospel Book

Considered by many to be as the greatest gospel singer ever to live, Mahalia Jackson’s popularity extended across racial divides, she was gospel's first superstar, and even decades after her death she remains, for many listeners, a defining symbol of the music's transcendent power.

With her singularly expressive contralto, Jackson continues to inspire the generations of vocalists who follow in her wake; among the first spiritual performers to introduce elements of blues into her music, she infused gospel with a sensuality and freedom it had never before experienced, and her artistry rewrote the rules forever.

This collection covers her most important works, from the huge success of her early career (‘Move On Up A Little Higher’), to her amazing takes on ‘In The Upper Room’, ‘When The Saints’, ‘Jericho’, ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘Amazing Grace’, the magical collaboration with Duke Ellington (Come Sunday) and many more.

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