JAZZ: Frustrations with the music/Harmony


I've had several piano teachers who've taught me how to interpret classical music, learned the scales, a few arpeggios, a few things about chords... and I'm pretty advanced technically. However, I feel like I don't even know a thing.

Can't improvise, can't analyze, or understand hardly anything about music or what's necessary to learn. Can just read the dots, and can't expand on it or do my own thing.

I've bought a harmony book and have been doing the worksheets and reading it, but have no idea how it actually applies to real music if that makes sense.

Could anyone direct me to the best books/resources for learning music? I also want to be able to compose.

I'd really appreciate if someone could point me at the right direction to be able to play like Tatum, Peterson and compose like Duke Ellington.

Thank you very much.


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