KEB MO: That Hot Pink Blues Album (Vinyl 2LP + Download)

When Keb' Mo' first was pitched the idea of releasing a double live album that captured the essence of his 2015 tour, he had a particular and unexpected instruction for his team: "Make it Hot Pink!" Indeed, that's exactly what they did with Live: That Hot Pink Blues Album. It began as almost an afterthought and an assortment of concert gems "for the fans," because his front of house engineer decided to hit "record" at the beginning of each show. It morphed into a noteworthy, carefully culled historical document highlighting Keb' and his band during their 2015 run.

Featuring 16 tracks captured in nine different cities, Keb' is backed by keyboardist Michael B. Hicks, bassist Stan Sargeant and drummer Casey Wasner, who also produced the record and received a 2015 Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album – Non-Classical for BLUES Americana. Recording, selecting and mixing the tracks for this project offered a depth of learning for Keb', Wasner and sound engineer/mixer, Aaron Hedden – one that would have been unattainable solely through touring together. Immersing into the details of each performance provided valuable insight for all, offering educational glimpses of what worked successfully and what could be improved or changed during a live performance setting.

This double live project represents a brilliantly chosen collection from the song catalog that has made Keb' Mo' an industry icon. His combination of masterful, anecdotal writing skills, distinctive guitar versatility and rich, resonant, blues-soaked vocals are a testament to his longevity as a singer/writer. Playful moments with the audience, a signature of his live concert experience, are tastefully captured and his wit and depth shine most significantly just prior to the album's final track, the hauntingly beautiful "City Boy." Every song tells a story, and every story reminds us why Keb' Mo' is one of the most versatile and engaging musical raconteurs on today's roots rock and blues scene.


1. Tell Everybody I Know

2. Somebody Hurt You

3. Henry

4. Life is Beautiful

5. She Just Wants To Dance

6. The Worst Is Yet To Come

7. Government Cheese

8. The Door


1. Come On Back

2. France

3. More Than One Way Home

4. A Better Man

5. The Old Me Better

6. Rita

7. Dangerous Mood

8. City Boy