DOLLY PARTON: ‘I’ve seen my songs slaughtered pretty good’

Rebecca Nicholson (The Guardian) conducts the interview:

Hello, Dolly!
Hello, Rebecca! You know Rebecca is my middle name also?

I do know that.
It's a good name. All right!

At Glastonbury last month you played to what must have been 180,000 people. Is that the biggest show you have ever done?
It probably is. I looked out and saw those people and I thought, oh well, I guess I'd better try to entertain them.

What does it look like from up there?
It looked like a sea of people, like an ocean of people, I couldn't believe it. Especially when they were raising their arms and singing along and doing all those things, it was amazing. It was like a well-oiled machine out there.

You wrote a song for the crowd and in it, you alluded to us "getting high" (1). Where did you get that information?
Hahaha! I was just thinking Woodstock, I was thinking all those festivals. I was just thinking, well, why not? That's what they're going for, they just want to have fun, and I'm sure they are. I'm sure there were a few of them pretty high out there.

I hope nobody offered you a suspicious cigarette.
We were just high on the whole energy of the thing, so we were right there with 'em.

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