ROGERS: Studio 3 loudspeakers; looks like a thumbs-up all round.

Rogers Studio 3s :I bought a pair about a year ago and have been very satisfied with them. I kept looking at LS3/5as on Ebay etc., but have never been sure which to ' go for' as regards age. I hear / read stories about early adhesives may cause a problem. I saw and heard the '3s before I bought them ( for £150) . Cabinets almost perfect and I manged to buy Linn Kan stands ( on eBay ) . As the cabinets are identical to '3/5as a perfect support. Soundwise, I love the way they ' time ' ( misused word , but makes my BC1s sound 'slow ' ). Don't get me wrong , I love my Spendors sense of scale, warmth and mid accuracy .

Listening to Radio 4 plays, etc. on the '3s is wonderful and the amount of detail is amazing. I feel they've been overlooked by '3/5a collectors who love to purchase LS3/5a 'clones ' , such as Rogers JR149s. ( I've never heard them... ). I notice a pair of '3/5a type speakers on eBay, made by Thomas Heinitz at his former shop' Music in the Home ' are exciting interest... I am a lover of BBC ' sound' speakers. I have a pair of B & W DM4s. Nice spkr. , bit like BC1, but , to my ears, not as accurate


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