CANNED HEAT: Live In Concert 1979 Parr Meadows Long Island (CD)

Live In Concert 1979 Parr Meadows Long Island

There have been quite a few high profile events to commemorate the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival, but one of the most interesting occurred when many of the original musicians who had performed at Woodstock converged in Long Island’s Parr Meadows to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Unlike later events, this was a true reunion for many of the musicians who played originally and although much had changed from the previous decade, the audience was treated to a wealth of memories.

Hotly anticipated blues and boogie masters, Canned Heat give a mastered performance here, even with a much changed line-up. Sadly, Bob Hite would succumb to his drug habits just two years after this performance and would be followed by guitarist Mike Mann shortly after, both joining the recently deceased founder and frontman Alan Wilson.

Echoes proudly presents Canned Heat’s entire performance from 7th September 1979 at Parr Meadows, Long Island, NY for the Woodstock re-union. Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast by King Biscuit Flower Hour. Complete with background liners and rare archival photos.…don’t forget to boogie!

1. Intro

2. On The Road Again

3. Bullfrog Blues

4. Chicken Shack

5. Stand Up For What You Are

6. Goin’ Up The Country

7. Don’t Know Where She Went (She Split)

8. Human Condition

9. Shake ‘n Boogie