BETTE MIDLER: ‘It was a wonderful life’

Bette Midler is tiny but what she lacks in height she makes up for in attitude. She’s running late, then suddenly she’s not, except, in the end, it turns out she is. There is a PR to meet me in the foyer of Claridge’s, and a PR in the hall of the huge suite that her record company have taken over. Looking for the loo I accidentally stumble on a room that is a hive of activity – four or five people on laptops, phones clamped to ears, a nerve centre in miniature. These are Bette’s people. Bette has a lot of people. They are, she tells me later with a joyous hoot, the wind beneath her wings.

Behind closed doors I can hear another interview coming to an end. “Feel free to make me sound funnier than I actually am!” she says. It is a line I suspect she has .....

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