Gentlemen, I write from Singapore. We had a magazine called 'Beat Reviews'. Can you tell me what happened to them please? Thank you. Roy Tan

Hello Roy and thank you. This what we found via

"Monthly English language print magazine published in Singapore by local high end retailer/importer/distributor Secondbeat PTE. Ltd., started in 2001 and it featured mostly reviews of high end equipment and audiophile recordings mostly written by well-known journalists from North America and Europe although there was local input as well.

The magazine was edited by USA journalist Ken Kessler and featured other writers connected with UK publication Hi-Fi News Magazine like Martin Colloms, Alvin Gold and Keith Howard in addition to Elliot Kallen who has also contributed jazz reviews to Listener (USA).

It is not known for how long it was published, there were at the least 7 issues published in 2001 with the inaugural issue being the March 2001 and the last one we see being September 2001 but preview articles had appeared for the October issue, there may even have been more issues but the magazine appeared to disappear around that time and the homepage of BeatReviews mother company went stagnant in early 2002 and the company appears to have gone out of business a few years later."

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