LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Advice on his music

Went car-booting on Sunday and came away with a double LP called Ella & Louis (Starportrait on the Verve label). Now this is not the sort of music I'd normally even consider but what the hey, it was in superb nick and a quid! Admittedly a lot of it merely re-inforced my feelings of antipathy for this type of music with particularly, and I apologise to all her fans, Ella Fitzgeralds singing style.

Sorry but I dont get on with scat style singling and that sort of phrasing where the singer is 2 seconds ahead or 5 seconds behind the music. However......

There was some stunningly good stuff on there, specifically Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen and Summertime. Trying to analyse why I liked them, I think it was because of the wonderful trumpet playing and orchestration, captured beautifully on what I presume was a studio recording. Therefore.... ?

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