STATUS QUO: Accept No Substitute – The Definitive Hits (2DVD)

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For the first time ever, all of the eras across six decades that make up the incredible career of this truly seminal British act are presented together, along with some previously unavailable material on the DVD. The full tracklisting on both can now be revealed (see below)!

The 3CD collection entitled ‘Accept No Substitute: The Definitive Hits’ features 54 Quo classics. Drawing a line through from the earliest days, right up until the present time, this is an in depth journey through time. ‘Accept No Substitute’ is a treasure trove of hits, certainly, but also finds space for tracks that provide a narrative of the band’s story.

The gem in the ‘Accept No Substitute: The Definitive Hits & More’ 2DVD set is the never-before-seen full 27 minute epic improvised performance of ‘Is It Really Me / Gotta Go Home’ from the Beat Club Session in Germany in 1970.

The 2 DVD also offers an incredible 67 (sixty seven!) of the promotional videos for a swath of Quo classics, plus some extra special moments from throughout the years – 24 tracks of unseen material. The story is brought bang up to date with more exclusives that have never been on DVD before; 8 storming tracks recorded at Wembley in 1996 and then 7 tracks from the band’s rapturously received Download set in 2014. For Quo fans it’s unmissable. s

‘Accept No Substitute: The Definitive Hits’ and ‘Accept No Substitute: The Definitive Hits & More’ collate and define the Quo legacy. These landmark releases serve to collect, document and celebrate the output of one of the world’s most loved and influential rock acts.