Sony Ta f7 vfet amp residing in the airing cupboard

"Hi,just a few observations regarding amps,I'v been interested in valve amps forthe last few years with just the occasional venture into transistor amps in the shape of a Pass f3 clone which I thought was very good.Yesterday I remembered that I had a Sony Ta f7 vfet amp residing in the airing cupboard.I thought I would give it a whirl,carted it downstairs connected it up,switched on and all I can say is things have not progressed much in the last 30 years.

The sound was amazingly good with none of the hash that one gets with normal tranny amps,in fact it could have been a very powerfull valve amp.I also noticed that the pass amp didnt have this transistor hash which I would describe as something you cant actually hear,but know is there.Anyway will be giving the old Sony an extended listen and as for build quality its first class."


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