MARANTZ: My Hot Rodded 1060

I've always felt like the diminutive Marantz 1060 was a special amp in the lineup. The 30wpc is enough to power a good variety of speakers, and there is just something really "right" with the way is sounds.

The very first piece of gear I bought when I got into this hobby was a Marantz 1060. Being a designer by trade, I just saw a picture of one online somewhere, probably on some architectural interiors blog, and the perfectly symmetrical face just hooked me and I needed to get one. I purchased a nice example off of eBay back in about 2007. That's when I got hooked on audio.

I really liked the Marantz house sound for a while. I considered my self a "Marantz guy." I owned a 2230, a couple 2015's, a 250M/3600/120 stack, another 1060, some Marantz speakers, 6100 and 6300 turntables and probably some other pieces I'm forgetting, before venturing into the world of Kenwood, Pioneer and some others.

After sliding down the slippery slope that is hifi for quite some time I've kinda settle down... mostly in slightly higher-end, "high-value" modern pieces. But there was part of me that REALLY missed that little 1060 which I had sold off to fund the next thing. Well not too long ago I came across a fair deal on a really clean 1060 with the original box and packing, but with what the previous owner told me was a weak channel. I got the unit and it proceeded to sit in its box for over a year, until just recently.

Through some round-about conversations on AK, I decided that I wanted to have this amp FULLY restored. I had sold off two other 1060's and I decided that this one was going to stay, so I wasn't too worried about getting "upside down" in it by spending the cash to have it done up. I chose AKer and super-nice dude Bill Hirsch to do the work. Bill has been awesome and would 100% recommend him to anyone needing stuff worked on.


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