ICON AUDIO: Stereo 20 PP

A thread from a long way back but still worth spending a bit of time if Icon Audio interests you!

In the midst of change, I have just got an absolute bargain via ebay. I did a scan of ebay last Saturday for valve amplifiers and up came an Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP. The starting bid was £275 with no bids. Now I know that this is in fact a £500 item when brand new and that this one was around one year old with minimal usage. I therefore bid £375 knowing that the courier charge was £25. On Thursday of this week the bidding ended and there wasn't one single bid other than mine.

This means of course that I ended up paying a total of £300 for an EL84 powered valve amplifier. My original plan was to have one built by Nick and this may indeed still happen but I now have the means to investigate whether or not I wish to pay out over a grand for an amplifier. In the meantime, I await the arrival of this amp and foresee a seriously good session of music listening when it gets here. I also foresee a seriously good tube rolling session coming up.