SERIOUSLY FOLKS: Is it essential to replace speaker drive units in pairs when one is broken?

A member writes ...

Thanks to City Link I have a pair of Dynaudio 52SE's with one broken drive unit in each, so one dead tweeter and one dead bass driver. The magnet has moved in the bass driver, twisting and jamming the cone fully back and the magnet has completely broken off on the tweeter, causing the fluid to leak out.

A claim against the courier is still being pursued but I'm still not sure whether to repair them by replacing both dead drivers or just to write them off and look for another pair or something similar. I've had mixed advice on whether drivers should be replaced in pairs to ensure a 100% match, or if it's OK to replace only the damaged ones. I've never had to replace any speaker drivers before so have no personal experience.

Cost of the 2 replacement drivers is almost the same as the insured value, so obviously no way all 4 will be replaced by the courier. Another option is to wait for another used pair of 52SE's to appear (in any colour, as I'm happy with the cabinets on these ones) and just swap all 4 drive units. That would not be much (if any) more expensive than the 2 new ones from Dynaudio and would at least give a matching set of drivers.

Has anyone replaced a single driver before? Did it sound OK long term? Would be grateful for any advice.

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