DYNAVECTOR: Their power amps

"Can anyone tell me anything about these amps? I have been looking on line for information, but it seems to be scare to non-existent!
It seems to be the HX75 in 75w form, then the HX75 in 100w. But is it then HX100 or HX1. 2?

Any spec's available for these?

I have a Townshend Allegri + pre into a naim nap 250 dr power and into shahinian compass speakers.

I have heard lots of people like the Dynavector amps into Shahinian's and wondered if they would be an even better match than my Naim? Which Dynavector amp should I be looking at to give me a proper comparison.

Can anyone tell me about the sound character of Dynavector amps?
What sort of price would I expect to pay for these amps, if there are any for sale?"

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