GARRARD: Bye Bye LP12, Hello Garrard 301

Hello readers ….. although the link nudges towards an ‘old’ thread, I did find it interesting and hopefully some of you will find it useful too!

Well my LP12 is on it's way to Germany and I've made the long trip up north and collected my 'new' 301. It came in a horrible little cabinet with a crappy metro sound amplifier and a pair of dodgy Wharfedale Dentons. The cabinet seems like the exact opposite of a good Garrard plinth, being made in the soundbox tradition, all in solid plywood. However, it does all seem to work, and I'm currently listing to Aja through one speaker (the other speaker connector is missing and I can't be arsed to make one up). There's a fairly loud buzz over the music ...

The Lenco tonearm is a thing of great ugliness, but there's also a Leak tonearm with an LP and a 78 head, instructions and mounting template, and a Decca arm cueing device. I will investigate further tomorrow in the daylight. The 301 came with it's original manual, strobe disc, 45 centre, half a tube of Garrard grease and a Garrard stylus pressure gauge - calibrated from 0-15gms Oh, and there's also a dustbug, which is presumably what left the horrible mark. The paint looks slightly tired, but I will give it a clean and think what to do about that mark. It's a cream grease bearing 301, with black on silver plates, circa 1957 I reckon. Serial number 17597."