CROFT: Their pre amps – which models?

I am relatively new to Croft amps and have been really impressed with what the current Micro 25 pre - 7 power amp combo does with my Proacs. Incredibly good value for money.

Thanks to Adrian Parsons at Audioflair, I've been demoing other Croft models and the one I recently had on home demo is a heavily upgraded Charisma pre - latest Regulated power supply (from the 25R), Audio Note components,etc..

Was really quite blown away with the sound, especialy the phono stage - by far the best MM phono stage I've tried out.

It's this one -

Unfortunately though it was a steal at the price it did not quite fit in my Hi Fi rack and had to return it and revert to the smaller 25 pre.

I am now upgrading to a 25R.

But having had a taste of the Charisma, curious to know more about older Croft pre models that are worth looking out for in the future when I can accomodate bigger kit.

I've seen a couple of Charisma-X pres come up for sale once in a while.

Which are the best older Crofts to keep a look out for?

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