CELESTION: Ditton 15 – any good, or what?


I imagine there are a few people here who will remember celestions as being pretty common a couple of decades ago. It seems their popularity has waned throughout the years, though based on the quality of these examples I cannot think why. When you take into account the age of these speakers, it may be easy to assume that they are everything a modern speaker shouldn't be, yet my experience is qite the opposite. I have now tried quite a few "classc" speakers, and if I am honest I find it hard to see, other than fancy materials and a flash box, just what the newer ones offer that these don't. 

OK, we are talking about a "budget" speaker here, as they were when launched, but despite this they actually sound pretty good, and I can see why at the time they were so popular. Anyway, if anyone has any nuggets of information on this model, please post them here. I apologise for the dodgy quality of the pic, the 'phone I use to take the pics has a 5 MP camera on it, but they still always come out shite...