SCHITT: Yes, of course – but which one?

Considering a new can-amp for the main system I really fancy the Schiit Valhalla 2

Now Schiit say the Valhalla 2 is suitable for Grado's which mostly seem to be 32ohms across their ranges, they also say suitable for AKG's too + I've heard that K701's were also used in the Valhalla 2's development* (*These are 62ohm & have slightly higher sensitivity than my K272 but t' power handling is the same) I'd love ta hear from any Valhalla 2 users who have used them with similar spec headphones to those I've discussed??? I have some concerns in that the two Can-Amps I have already may in fact be near ideal spec/power wise with both sets of cans which are lowish impedence. Or is it a case of those I already have being overkill & me worrying too much.

The Valhalla 2 also appeals as an alternative all valve pre-amp which is easily acommodated as my power amp has switchable balanced/single ended inputs. I have both balanced/single ended outputs on my C.A Stream Magic 6 & currently have both hooked up, having a tube buffer on the single-ended RCA's, the Valhalla would also replace this & this is how it would fit in to my system.

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