TECHNICS: SP10 Mk2 owner causing a headache

My search for audio nirvana is proving frustrating the constant pain in my frontal lobe coming from the continued banging of my head against a brick wall.

First things first, my system comprises the following; Technics SP10 MkII Slatedeck plinth SME V Denon DL304 Trichord Dino for vinyl duties, Esoteric X03se CD spinner, Linn Klimax Kontrol pre, AV5125 power running active Keilidhs. Cables are Linn Silvers and Chord Odyssey. Now I've heard many systems that get close to what I want, the stand outs being Quad electrostatics driven by Quad IIs and a rig pieced together using old Exposure amps into Proac 1SCs both different but both very special.

How do I get from where I am now to that spacious, rich, wondrous experience both these systems gave me? I have a maximum budget of £4k and I don't mind buying used; my concern is I may need to ditch the lot to move forward. I should point out that the room in which this will be plonked is a small 4.5 x 3m, kind of rules out ESLs then. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Hmmm! Linn's clean and precise sounding amplification and speakers are excellent for those who love that sound, but folk who like "spacious, rich" systems should not apply! I wonder how you came to own such things, given your seemingly opposite tastes?

Don't ditch the lot; your turntable and CD player are superb. I'd do this in stages, looking to move to a pair of preowned (if you can find them) Icon Audio MB845 power amplifiers driving a pair of One Thing Audio modded Quad ESL57s. Start with the MB845s, retaining your Linn preamp. Then get the modded Quads, then when you've got some more cash shell out for a preowned LFD Audio LS2 or LS3 (rare as hen’s teeth) and finally an Icon Audio PS3 phono stage or LFD Audio LE (SE). By this time, you'll have one of the biggest, warmest and most expansive systems known to man!