CYRUS: Pre-owned Cyrus – is it really worth considering?

I’ve had a strong liking for Cyrus equipment. They’re consistently impressive sounding, and gorgeous, non-conformist looking products have left me wanting after a Cyrus set-up for a long time. I’ve been finding a lot more of their amplifiers and CD players on eBay at a fraction of their RRP.

Older models, admittedly, but Cyrus nonetheless. I have, on many occasions, been tempted to click the ‘Buy It Now’ button, but there is one niggle at the back of my mind – will it be any good?’ I don’t mean to sound tight, but I don’t want to be spending upwards of £300 on a Cyrus 7 amplifier, for it to fall apart after the new 6 month warranty expires.

For an intermediate hi-fi lover, with a small budget, could you recommend these refurbished wonders, or should I steer clear?

I can recommend them. Cyrus are a fine (and oft-overlooked) company and can service virtually any bit of Cyrus (or Mission Cyrus) kit, indefinitely into the future. You'll be buying a very well made, lovingly designed classic which should give years of good service.

By and large, they have a clean and musical sound, although they're very much in the transistor idiom; it's hardly likely to have tube fans drooling. But match to a good pair of speakers and decent cables and you've a lovely system. Add as many PSX-Rs as you're able to; they're a great addition, bringing clarity, focus and dimensionality.

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