DAVID CROSBY: He might hate MP3s even more than Neil Young does


From our extensive music archive on this, our first ever HiFi Answers music day. No equipment post today – just MUSIC all day. I hope you’ll enjoy this. Thank you. Neil / editor


From the archives .....

Mike Mettler writes: David Crosby has never been afraid to speak his mind and share his opinion of the state of the present, no matter what decade it is. For well over a half-century, the legendary singer/songwriter and lynchpin of Crosby, Stills & Nash (& sometimes Young) has been passionately forthright about his aversion to social injustice, political chicanery, and environmental chaos, and he’s just as staunch when it comes to loving high-resolution audio. In fact, Crosby insisted on high-res as the absolute standard for the 2014 release of his fourth career solo album, Croz, especially after hearing the 192-kHz/24-bit remasters Graham Nash produced for last summer’s ear-opening CSNY 1974 box set.

“It had to be available at nothing less than FLAC or lossless,” he said recently. “We made sure HDtracks had it at 192/24, and Pono will have it that way too when they’re ready for it. Croz deserves it. There’s stuff on there we really want you to hear.”

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